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Trading Recap for January 21st, 2011

I think overall I did quite well today and killed it on a short week for me.  I only traded from Wednesday through Friday and I booked in $1219.95 in trading profits.  That being said, I did leave some money on the table.  If I would’ve sold out of my GBGI position and got out of LFVN at the right time (although, I did trade that stock pretty well) I would’ve been in the $1800 range.  I still have some money left in stocks, so we’ll see how my next week starts out.  As soon as my trades all clear, I will update my account.

I sold the last of my LFVN close to the open @ .76 when it was clear that it wanted to breakdown.  I finished the trade buying at .65 and selling all my shares at an average price of .823; up about 21%.  This trade made me around $1166 dollars!  Not bad for trading on a short week (Wednesday through Friday for me.)  Again, thanks IL

Also today I sold NURO because it was acting pretty douchey.  Made some lunch money on it, around $60.  I’m keeping this stock on my radar for next week.  Sold position at .585

Today I also bought PRKR on a breakout at an average price of .665.  PRKR had a great morning on pretty good volume and I bought at the point that I thought it would follow through for new highs.  The stock did break to new highs and hung around them for most of the day (around .66 – .68) and close near hod .6798 (market sell order for .65 went right at close, not worried).  I still like this stock and will hold through the weekend.

I’m still holding my GBGI and KNKT speculative positions.  I’m pretty big (for me anyways) into GBGI and will look to sell it next week more than likely.



Trading Recap for January 20th, 2011

Sold some of my positions and added another.  The breakdown is below!

Big…actually HUGE trade for me from yesterday is LFVN.  Here’s my gratuitous plug for InvestorsLive as I got the idea from his daily scan.  I was long from .65 yesterday and the stock popped today up to .90 today.  I sold half my position at .90 and a 1/4 position at .81.  I held the remaining 1500 or so shares.  The stock closed at .8.

I sold my SPAG and LNET positions too.  SPAG was just too boring for me to deal with any more.  Not to mention that I had an obscenely small position in it and only took a .015 loss on it.

LNET gave me a nice gain for only putting in $450.  Sold at the open (long from $3.00, sold at $3.341), and then the stock proceeded to hit some nhod’s for the next hour or so.  I sold this position so I could buy into another position.  One thing that I need to work on is staying in a trade that is still working for me.  LNET was not really giving me a reason to sell it, yet I sold it anyways; albeit for a good % profit.

One thing that LNET taught me (I try to learn fast) is to not sell my NURO position.  The stock didn’t do too much today, but did hold green.  Yes, I could’ve been in other positions, FUQI (if I had the money, woulda longed at the nhod around 5.60 when volume came in) and BLTI (plenty of opportunities to enter today) come to mind, but the stock didn’t do anything that would give me a reason to sell it and my patience rewarded me with late day pop to .61 and it closed at hod.  I have an unrealized 6.64% gain.


Finally, I bought a small position into one of the Pre-Promotion Stock picks…I’ll post which stock I bought tomorrow as this is a subscriber pick only.  Actually, he is releasing it tomorrow to non-subs around 2pm, so you’ll know before my next Trading Recap.

Oh, and I’m also still long GBGI from .60

Trading Recap for January 19th, 2011

First day back from vacation and there were some pretty nice setups that I decided to get into.

Stocks bought today:  LNET, NURO, GBGI, and LFVN

I bought GBGI on a pure speculation play based off of one of my paid newsletters, Pre-Promotion Stocks.  Out of all the stocks that were highlighted today, I liked this chart the best even though it has very little volume.  I bought 6767 @ .60


I bought NURO based off a buysellshort twitter recommendation.  I liked his reasons for getting into the stock, and feel that it could turn big into my favor.  Not to mention that he has been on FIRE lately!  Bought 5151 @ .57

Bought LNET, very small position150 @ 3.00, on a tip.  I missed the bottom after the big sell off, but a decent entry.  Supposedly the tip could turn big…but you know what they say about listening to tipsters…  More than likely I’ll lose this money, but we’ll see.

I bought LFVN based off of InvestorsLive’s daily scan.  This was a swing idea from several days ago, but I was out of trading because of a vacation.  I waited for my entry, and didn’t chase anything so from that standpoint I am proud of myself.

While I’m up on the day (unrealized) from the trades that I made, I’m most proud of myself for the trades that I didn’t make.  There were several trades that I found myself getting ready to chase, but stopped short of buying.  In every case this turned out to be the right thing to do and I’ll tell you what…it feels great!

I must remember that chasing a stock is never the right answer.  There will always be another trade to enter and more money to be made.



I’ve had a HUGE month!

I know that I’m not a good trader.  This is a fact, and I know it.


I’ve made some damn fine profits this month and I thought I would share.  Hell, I’m proud!

I’ve had a killer past month.  Over 800% killer!  Yes I’ve made some huge mistakes, but I’ve also made just under a month’s worth of my salary.  I have five people to thank for this success.

Investors Live

Timothy Sykes

Pre-Promotion Stocks



These traders have helped me knock it out of the park, and I have no doubts that they will continue to help me in my journey to get out from under the PDT, raise enough money for a nice down payment on a house, and most importantly become a better trader.  I know that I will trip up, but with your help I know that I won’t fall.

So thank you guys, I SERIOUSLY couldn’t have done it with out you!


Trading Recap for January 11th, 2011

I started the day by buying the BDPS pump, CWNR, and it ended up helping me land the biggest one day profit for me to date and the most I’ve made on one stock;  (I’ll post on peeled profits off in 25% chunks during the initial run up.  Looking back, which is obviously 20/20, I shoulda sold my last 25% chunk when .23 didn’t hold.  Instead, I held the 25% throughout the day and ended up selling late in the day at .18

I sold ECPN toward the end of the day at 1.08.  I wanted to keep this overnight, but it started acting wonky this afternoon, a la RZTI.  This has been a slow uptick swing stock for me (sourced from InvestorsLive), and it provided nice profits.

I also dumped the pig, ELTP, that I bought yesterday.  It was a dumb dumb dumb trade that I should’ve never been in.  I ended up losing around $278 on this stock.  I deserve these losses from this stock.  I will post on,just easier for auto import as there is multiple entries and exits.

Even though I am traveling, I’m holding onto SPAG.  SPAG is so small that I don’t really mind traveling and trading this.

I will not be actively looking for stocks to trade tomorrow, just keeping an eye on my positions.



Warlist for January 11th, 2011

My warlists have sucked big time.  They’ve SUCKED!

I know that I’ve just started doing these things online, but I’ve been doing these for myself for a few months and I don’t think that one of them has turned into a trade that has been worthwhile.  Yes I traded one of my online warlist picks, but I think the trade was forced and wasn’t something that I should’ve done.  Thus, I’m going to suspend my own picks.  Once I get a handle on things, I plan on putting out a watchlist of my own, but in the meantime I plan on posting links to my favorite watchlists for the following trading day.  I’m not sure exactly how this is going to look on the site, but I’ll figure it out.

I’m going to keep working at finding trades on my own, but I really don’t think my skills are good enough to pick stocks on my own just yet.  When I get back from my vacation I’m going to get a subscription to a real scanning software (Equity Feed) instead of using the sub-par Google stock screener.  While I know that the stock screener alone will not make me a good trader, I feel that the options that it provides will push me into the right direction instead of just spinning my wheels with where I’m at.

In the near future, I also plan on expanding my horizons by joining InvestorsLive’s chatroom and subscription service.  I still plan on keeping my subscription with TIMAlerts, but IL has made me some serious money and I would be a fool to not give the full subscription a shot.

I will still be recapping my daily trades, and plan on going through my entries and exits in a little more detail.  Because of all the bad trades that I make, I think this will help me in the long run identify a bad trade before I make the mistake of trading it.

I’ll keep you all posted at how it all shakes out.


As always review other free watchlists out there; my favorites are InvestorsLive and mb_willoughby.  My paid lists are from Timothy Sykes and Pre-Promotion Stocks.

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Trading Recap for January 10th, 2011

JSDA broke out on pretty big volume today.  I didn’t sell at the top, 1.64, but I did drop the stock as it was fading this afternoon.  My sell was at 1.54.

I also held onto my SPAG position.  No up or down, so no real reason to sell yet.

I added a couple of positions: ECPN and ELTP.

ECPN at .95 which I sourced from InvestorsLive daily scan from last night.  I wanted a pull back to around .90, but it was holding .95 well enough so I bought a small position.  I plan on holding for a couple of days (maybe!).

I chased ELTP a bit and didn’t show the patience that I really wanted.  If I did, I would’ve never gotten into this trade.  You’re not reading the Diary of an Inexperienced Trader for nothing!  I bought about $1k at .075 and and another $500 at .055.  Will sell in the am if I do or don’t get a pop.  Dumb trade, please learn from it.


Warlist for January 10th, 2011

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  I took a much needed break from the norm and helped a friend out with his auto shop that he’s opening soon.  As a heads up, I’m going on vacation to Breckenridge, CO starting on Wednesday and going through next week so I won’t be updating as often as I like.  Anyways, on to the stocks.

My two top stocks on my watch are the two stocks that I’m currently in; SPAG and JSDA.

I’m still bullish on JSDA and was happy with a close that didn’t include making a mad dash for the red line.  I’m looking for the volume to increase on the 10th and a pop in price.  For an idea of what I WANT to happen, take a look back to the end of September/beginning of October.  I’m looking for a move toward 1.75 over the next day or so, but will exit this stock if it doesn’t act appropriately.  I’m sitting on a 1470 position from 1.36.

SPAG has been an InvestorsLive play for quite some time, but recently was picked up by the subscription service Pre-Promotion stocks on Friday.  In the interest of trying to give the stock some love I threw a little money at it on Friday.  And by little, I mean a little under $400; 595 shares.  I know I know, I have a Schawb account and they aren’t very OTCBB/Pinks friendly.  I really should have played this a while ago, but I still got a good entry in opinion.  I’ll be in this stock until it acts wonky, or I start my Wednesday travels, whichever comes first.


The final stock on my list for tomorrow is IVD.  IVD has seen two increasing share volume days in a row, with a heavy dollar volume (relatively) on Friday.  The stock hit a long term resistance at .8 (well, close enough .795) and pulled back a bit.  The one thing that I don’t like about this stock is that it really isn’t all that liquid and it did not make a push toward the end of the day.  I will say that it did end on a higher low, so keep this one on the list.  Look for a follow up in Friday’s volume.  If no volume, no play.

As always review other free watchlists out there; my favorites are InvestorsLive and mb_willoughby.  My paid lists are from Timothy Sykes and Pre-Promotion Stocks.

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Update – I’ll probably be scalping the 50cent pump in the morning as well; HNHI

Trading Recap for January 7th, 2011

Well, I sold my pig of a pick CPRX.  Lost 100+ on it…damn.  Need to learn a new strategy.

I also bought JSDA on the pullback after this am’s initial spike.  The twitterati were pimping the spike, but I actually showed some patience and waited for the stock to pull back instead of buying the spike.  I bought $2k worth at 1.36 and I plan on holding for a few trading days.

I also bought a pick from one of my paid newsletters that I subscribe to, Pre-Promotion Stocks.  I bought S**G at 0.64, a VERRRRRRRY small amount; 595 shares.  At the close I’m up a whopping 6 gallons worth of gas.  Once the stock is posted, I’ll list it.

Overall it has been a fun week for me and I look forward to increasing my net worth next week.

Cheers and be safe.

Warlist for January 7th, 2011

Sorry it’s late.  I really meant to post it last night, but my travels left me spent.  Anyways, here it goes.

GCFB is still on my list for the 7th even though it could never go green on the day.  If I was trading yesterday, I would’ve definitely considered buying around 2 PM when it held the 4.55 range quite well.  This stock had a nice run toward the end of the day ended up down only a penny.

CVBK had a HUGE day yesterday on relatively strong volume and held the 2.20’s rather well.  If it holds green at the open, it’s something to consider.

DSTI had a nice little pop and closed above 1.70 support.  I would like to see a pull back to 70 and proof that it would hold before going long on this stock.

I almost put GIVN on my list yesterday but held off, but two strong days in a row earns this a spot.  GIVN still has a gap to fill up to 17.40ish and may be making a push to get there.  Keep an eye on this one.

As always review other free watchlists out there; my favorites are InvestorsLive and mb_willoughby.  My paid lists are from Timothy Sykes and Pre-Promotion Stocks.

Don’t forget to follow me on twitter @michiganwar and throw me a bone by retweeting to your followers!