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Trading Recap for 2011/01/03

January 3, 2011

Well the day started out with me buying the pump FLPC.  I didn’t top tick my sell, but did end up getting out with about $280 dollars worth of profits.  I kept this on my radar throughout the day as it was being pumped by more sites than I initially thought and repurchased shares before the close.  My thoughts behind getting back into this stock is that the stock was still up 20% and I am anticipating more pump emails tonight.  I will look to sell into the morning pop

FLPC – bought 12,000 shares at $0.41 – 09:32:00

FLPC – sold 12,000 shares at $0.435 – 09:50/58:00

FLPC – bought 900 shares at $0.44 – 15:22:52

My next trade was buying RZTI based off of an Investors Live daily scan; one of the best out there right now.  I planned on holding this overnight.

RZTI – bought 11,111 (hey, it’s 2011!) shares at $.018 – 11:27:06

My next trade of the day was buying the breakout of BWEN.  I missed the initial breakout, but showed some patience for a change.  I called it in the TimAlerts chatroom that I planned on buying BWEN for a swing trade, but was looking for it to pull back to and hold the low 2.40’s.  I initially was a little scared as it broke .40, but then popped back over and held.  The breakout was brought to my attention on twitter by an awesome trader @mb_willoughby.

BWEN – bought 1600 shares at $2.41 – 11:28:25

I bought two breakout stocks, ABKFQ and EMMS.  Investors Live tweeted on them both and I think i have them at a decent price.  I plan to hold them for a day or so.

ABKFQ – bought 11,500 shares at $0.128 – 12:17:28

EMMS – bought 1200 shares at $0.8187 – 12:48:34

This was definitely not a normal trading day for me.  I think that I over traded today, and will look to rectify this situation in the future.  That said, I’m still up $200 on the day.

I plan on posting my watchlist, err…warlist in few hours.  Check on back before trading hours.


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