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Welcome…err…Hello World!

January 3, 2011

Hello all.

I have no allusions that nobody on the planet is going to read this but me.  But I have to get this down on paper, or in this case on one’s and zero’s.

I’m a newbie trader just trying to not lose money, and by newbie I have been trading for around four months.  This little blog is my foray into taking this a little more serious than I have to date.  My plan for this blog is to primarily post about my experiences in learning how to make a living trading stocks.  I will post about my wins and my losses.  I’ll try to keep the rhetoric about others out of this blog, but you never know what’s going to happen.

A little about myself.  I’m a trader from Michigan (which should be obvious by my name) who currently sits below the PDT rule thus limiting how many actual trades that I execute.  I started trading because I wanted to make a little extra money, but now have a few goals that are coming into the forefront.  My two main goals are to pull my account to over PDT and to make enough money for a down payment on a house.  My trading style is still morphing, but I find that I’m settling into more of a long swing bias and a momentum trader.  That said, I really won’t limit myself when a trading opportunity presents itself.

I want to learn to make money trading because I am tired of working for someone else, and want my time to be my own.  If I want to take a month off and travel the world with my wife, then that’s what I should be able to do.  I feel that learning to trade stocks (and eventually options) provides me with the best opportunity to achieve my goal of self reliance.  Yes I know all the statistics about people losing money in the market, but I’ve never allowed myself to be just a number and don’t plan on being a loser.

I am all for disclosing all my wins as well as my losses.  I have a profile on and plan on setting up the widget they offer to show my trades on this blog.

One thing I will try to do on a  regular basis is to post my trading ideas at some point the during the night for the following day’s trading.  More than likely I’ll post charts with my setups, but don’t hold me to that.  I definitely will not leak any of the alerts from my subscriptions, but I will link to other popular traders ideas (the free ones) that I plan on watching.   Over time you’ll get a feeling for the traders that I follow, but will make a point to dedicate a post about them.

For full disclosure, I subscribe to Timothy Sykes’ TimAlerts which provides a daily watch list and also has a chatroom which I participate in on a regular basis.  I am also a member of Pre-Promotion Stocks, which provides a daily (or semi-daily) watch list.  For real(ish)time news, I have an account for the news service flyonthewall.

Because I’m so new at trading I don’t have any fancy stock scanners, but I have been playing around with Google Finance’s stock screener and have found a little success.  Because Google’s screener doesn’t scan for OTCBB’s or Pinks I plan on upgrading to Equity Feed in the near future, but probably only after I upgrade my trading station.

Speaking of trading station, I don’t have one.  I trade off my laptop for the time being, but as soon as I get a little more consistent plan on upgrading to an actual desktop with multiple monitors.  To save money, I may just get a docking station and a couple of monitors.

This is going to be a pretty loose blog, so feel free to comment (if anyone actually shows up) and don’t be surprised if you find me blogging about my favorite sports team.

I’m probably missing some stuff here, but I’ll get to it eventually.

Wish me luck.



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