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Trading Recap for 2011/01/04

January 4, 2011

Well, I didn’t rectify my over trading and it got me into trouble today.

Today was a down day, loss of about $300 and I blame it completely on over trading and not sticking to a trading plan.

My big loss of the day was buying ESPH at $0.70 and selling at $0.58.  I didn’t think the stock was topped out, but obviously it was.  I was getting greedy, and it was a stupid trade that never should’ve happened.  Hell, this stock wasn’t even on my watchlist.

ESPH bought 3,100 at $0.70

ESPH sold 3,100 at $0.58

I three of my positions that I was holding from yesterday sold ABKFQ, BWEN and EMMS for a small loss on each.  None of these stocks were acting well, so I got the hell out..

ABKFQ bought 11,500 shares $0.128 – 01/03/2011 – 12:17:29

ABKFQ sold 11,500 shares at $0.126 – 01/04/2011 – 09:33:34

BWEN bought 2700 shares at $2.41 – 01/03/2011 – 11:28:26

BWEN sold  2,700 shares at an average price of $2.37 – 01/04/2011 – 09:55:49

EMSS bought 1200 shares at $0.8186 – 01/03/2011 – 12:48:35

EMSS sold 1200 shares at $0.8128 – 01/04/2011 – 10:28:50

Because I continued my overtrading ways, I added two positions to my portfolio:  APRI and TMHO

TMHO is a pump that was holding well after the morning sell off.  All was going well when the wheels appeared to come off.  TMHO plunged to .066, but the pumpers got it back under control.  The stock closed at $0.789.  My plan is to hold for a day or so due to what I believe will be a repump tonight, but will get the hell out if it doesn’t act well.

TMHO bought 23,000 shares at $0.085 – 11:43:06

Bought APRI on a breakout, but the breakout failed.  I held, probably stupidly, because I expect a small follow through in the am at which point I will exit this position.

APRI bought 400 shares at $3.979 – 10:17:02

I am still holding my 900 shares of FLPC that I bought at $.044.  As expected, I got a morning pop from the email pumps, but did not sell into it because I had my hands full with the other positions that I had.  FLPC finished up on the day again and we go multiple repump emails so I expect another pop tomorrow.

I’m also still holding Investors Live swing call of RZTI from $0.18.  The stock perked up a little more today and closed at $0.22.  I plan on holding until a sign of weakness shows itself.

And last but not least, I bought a speculative stock at the close, AGDI.  AGDI had been pumped for the past day or so, but the Beacon crew leaked out an email mid-day that stated they had a gold play that was under a dollar that was out performing the gold market.  I (and another TIMalerts sub) guessed and won on this stock.  Tomorrow should see some good follow through from my current position.

AGDI bought 1250 shares at $0.80 – 15:56

Again, I way over traded today and seriously need to rectify this.  I will try harder tomorrow.


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  1. Hey man good recap, we’d love to have you post your stuff on

    I think it’ll help you keep better track, especially when we launch the ability to tag specific trades

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