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Trading Recap for 2011/01/05

January 5, 2011

First, IL’s swing suggestion RZTI had a huge day for me.  I had even had a not so good entry on the stock, but holy moly…he CRUSHED the call on this!  I held throughout the day and am sitting on $1,100+ of unrealized profits.  That said, I am looking to sell into some morning strength and lock in my profits as the stock was acting a little wonky today.

The day started out with me cutting my losers.  I sold APRI in pre-market for a loss of about $180. I shoulda sold this stinker yesterday as I mentioned.  I knew I was going to regret the hold overnight and I did.

I also sold TMHO at the open.  I was hoping for a re-pump last night and this morning, but alas there was not anything worth while.  I sold for a loss of $158.  I made the classic Inexperienced Trader mistake of turning a winner into a loser.  Instead of selling yesterday when the trend broke at around 15:00, I stupidly held and hoped for a repump.  I deserve these losses for sure.

I also made a little of some speculative pump buys of mine for a small gain on each.  I had a very small position in FLPC that I sold for a profit of $23.  Shortly thereafter I sold AGDI.  I missed the top for sure, but I didn’t lose any money on it either; profit of about $20.

On the buy side of things, I bought a swing play stock, CPRX, from last night’s Warlist.  While I am confident in the stock, I committed a horrible mistake.  Instead of waiting for a pullback like any good trader should do, I bought during a surge in price; my entry was $1.45.  I still am looking to hold this for a few days and am looking for a good follow through tomorrow.

I’m going to be on the road tomorrow, so don’t expect any trading out of me.  However, I will be posting my Warlist for the 6th in a few.


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