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Warlist for 2011/01/06

January 5, 2011

Tops on my list are the two stocks that I’m currently holding; RZTI and CPRX

I’m looking to dump RZTI in the morning, probably within the first 15 minutes; I would really love a nice strong push to about 0.30.  InvestorsLive NAILED this one; I can’t say enough good things about this trader…ok I’m done.  On top of the weird action the stock was displaying at the end of the day, one look at this chart will tell you that it’s time to cut and run.  I’ve been long from 0.18.

CPRX is a swing long for me and I’m still ok with what is happening even though my entrance SUCKED!  Each of the past four days have shown an increase in price and volume.  I’m confident in this position, but will not hesitate to drop this stock if a real crack presents itself.

GCFB is having a great run this week since moving north of its base at 2.40.  The stock reached past 6.08 today on HEAVY and pulled back to 5ish.  This stock is at its highest point since the middle of ’07 and just last year popped strong in the month of January as well.  If this acts well in the morning you might want to swing this long given its history in January.  A move past 6.50 is an all time high.

CDTI may be breaking a trend here.  Mid-November we saw a volume increase and slight pop in price after several days of declines.  Today, we saw the same thing.  That said, this stock popped a little then dropped toward the end of December.  I would only move into this stock on a continuation of strong volume and proof that it could hold over 10.  If this stock breaks yesterday’s support it would make a great candidate for a short.  Be careful with this stock as today’s range was close to 20%.

As always review other free watchlists out there; my favorites are InvestorsLive and mb_willoughby.  My paid lists are from Timothy Sykes and Pre-Promotion Stocks.

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  1. Robert Roberti permalink

    For this newcomer, please define what you mean by “…is a swing long for me”. I diving into Tim’s DVDs and until I can figure a way here in Europe to go short with the rest of you at times, I can only invest long.
    Thanks for any help and advice

    • Hello Robert, thanks for asking. I generally use the definition of a swing trade as a style of trading that attempts to capture gains in a stock within one to four days. Swing traders use technical analysis to look for stocks with short-term price momentum. These traders aren’t interested in the fundamental or intrinsic value of stocks, but rather in their price trends and patterns.

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