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Trading Recap for January 6th, 2011

January 6, 2011

Dropped RZTI like a bad habit this morning.  I tried dumping around .29 but didn’t get a fill until .25!!!  Lesson of the day, put the sell order in while the stock is still rising and not when the first crack appears.  Instead of netting over $1300 I settled for a little over $750.

My swing trade of CPRX is really looking like shit.  On the plus side, the stock did touch 1.45 again, but then quickly dropped into the high 20’s.  The stock closed at 1.28.  If this doesn’t make a move north at the open, I’m dumping this turd.

I didn’t trade any other stocks today as I was traveling.

This is actually the type of trading that I’m looking to do.  No, not lose money a la CPRX, but entering and exiting very few stocks.  I don’t have the abilities yet to focus on multiple trades and I really need to learn to just slow down.  Hell, my over trading lately lead me to miss VPRO.  I pulled up the stock when it was at +900% and proceeded to skyrocket from there, 2700%!  My over trading caused me to miss out on quite a bit of money yesterday.

I’ll work on my Warlist in a few.



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