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Trading Recap for January 7th, 2011

January 7, 2011

Well, I sold my pig of a pick CPRX.  Lost 100+ on it…damn.  Need to learn a new strategy.

I also bought JSDA on the pullback after this am’s initial spike.  The twitterati were pimping the spike, but I actually showed some patience and waited for the stock to pull back instead of buying the spike.  I bought $2k worth at 1.36 and I plan on holding for a few trading days.

I also bought a pick from one of my paid newsletters that I subscribe to, Pre-Promotion Stocks.  I bought S**G at 0.64, a VERRRRRRRY small amount; 595 shares.  At the close I’m up a whopping 6 gallons worth of gas.  Once the stock is posted, I’ll list it.

Overall it has been a fun week for me and I look forward to increasing my net worth next week.

Cheers and be safe.


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  1. Keep up the good work man – email me and I’ll show you how to do the bigcharts so they update like mine… (if that’s something your interested in) rather than taking a screen shot of each one … can get tedious

    Plus.. u can go back the next day and view your watchlist with updated charts

    btw … SPAG –> been holding forrrrrevah!

  2. Thanks, trying to work it the best I can.

    Hell yea, would love any help you could provide. I’ll shoot you an email.

  3. Oh yeah, you’ve been in there for a while…what over a month now? Talk about patience! I kept finding a reason to not go into it. I wanted to give PPS a chance to show me what he can do (a la TNGS).

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