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Warlist for January 10th, 2011

January 9, 2011

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  I took a much needed break from the norm and helped a friend out with his auto shop that he’s opening soon.  As a heads up, I’m going on vacation to Breckenridge, CO starting on Wednesday and going through next week so I won’t be updating as often as I like.  Anyways, on to the stocks.

My two top stocks on my watch are the two stocks that I’m currently in; SPAG and JSDA.

I’m still bullish on JSDA and was happy with a close that didn’t include making a mad dash for the red line.  I’m looking for the volume to increase on the 10th and a pop in price.  For an idea of what I WANT to happen, take a look back to the end of September/beginning of October.  I’m looking for a move toward 1.75 over the next day or so, but will exit this stock if it doesn’t act appropriately.  I’m sitting on a 1470 position from 1.36.

SPAG has been an InvestorsLive play for quite some time, but recently was picked up by the subscription service Pre-Promotion stocks on Friday.  In the interest of trying to give the stock some love I threw a little money at it on Friday.  And by little, I mean a little under $400; 595 shares.  I know I know, I have a Schawb account and they aren’t very OTCBB/Pinks friendly.  I really should have played this a while ago, but I still got a good entry in opinion.  I’ll be in this stock until it acts wonky, or I start my Wednesday travels, whichever comes first.


The final stock on my list for tomorrow is IVD.  IVD has seen two increasing share volume days in a row, with a heavy dollar volume (relatively) on Friday.  The stock hit a long term resistance at .8 (well, close enough .795) and pulled back a bit.  The one thing that I don’t like about this stock is that it really isn’t all that liquid and it did not make a push toward the end of the day.  I will say that it did end on a higher low, so keep this one on the list.  Look for a follow up in Friday’s volume.  If no volume, no play.

As always review other free watchlists out there; my favorites are InvestorsLive and mb_willoughby.  My paid lists are from Timothy Sykes and Pre-Promotion Stocks.

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Update – I’ll probably be scalping the 50cent pump in the morning as well; HNHI


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