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Trading Recap for January 10th, 2011

January 10, 2011

JSDA broke out on pretty big volume today.  I didn’t sell at the top, 1.64, but I did drop the stock as it was fading this afternoon.  My sell was at 1.54.

I also held onto my SPAG position.  No up or down, so no real reason to sell yet.

I added a couple of positions: ECPN and ELTP.

ECPN at .95 which I sourced from InvestorsLive daily scan from last night.  I wanted a pull back to around .90, but it was holding .95 well enough so I bought a small position.  I plan on holding for a couple of days (maybe!).

I chased ELTP a bit and didn’t show the patience that I really wanted.  If I did, I would’ve never gotten into this trade.  You’re not reading the Diary of an Inexperienced Trader for nothing!  I bought about $1k at .075 and and another $500 at .055.  Will sell in the am if I do or don’t get a pop.  Dumb trade, please learn from it.



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