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I’ve had a HUGE month!

January 11, 2011

I know that I’m not a good trader.  This is a fact, and I know it.


I’ve made some damn fine profits this month and I thought I would share.  Hell, I’m proud!

I’ve had a killer past month.  Over 800% killer!  Yes I’ve made some huge mistakes, but I’ve also made just under a month’s worth of my salary.  I have five people to thank for this success.

Investors Live

Timothy Sykes

Pre-Promotion Stocks



These traders have helped me knock it out of the park, and I have no doubts that they will continue to help me in my journey to get out from under the PDT, raise enough money for a nice down payment on a house, and most importantly become a better trader.  I know that I will trip up, but with your help I know that I won’t fall.

So thank you guys, I SERIOUSLY couldn’t have done it with out you!



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One Comment
  1. Nice work and you’re very welcome.

    Did you use PPS as a tool for this CWNR trade that you knocked out of the park for +$3,200?

    If you did use PPS then could you please update your profitly statement accordingly?

    Then I’ll be the one thanking you MichiganWar!

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