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Trading Recap for January 11th, 2011

January 11, 2011

I started the day by buying the BDPS pump, CWNR, and it ended up helping me land the biggest one day profit for me to date and the most I’ve made on one stock;  (I’ll post on peeled profits off in 25% chunks during the initial run up.  Looking back, which is obviously 20/20, I shoulda sold my last 25% chunk when .23 didn’t hold.  Instead, I held the 25% throughout the day and ended up selling late in the day at .18

I sold ECPN toward the end of the day at 1.08.  I wanted to keep this overnight, but it started acting wonky this afternoon, a la RZTI.  This has been a slow uptick swing stock for me (sourced from InvestorsLive), and it provided nice profits.

I also dumped the pig, ELTP, that I bought yesterday.  It was a dumb dumb dumb trade that I should’ve never been in.  I ended up losing around $278 on this stock.  I deserve these losses from this stock.  I will post on,just easier for auto import as there is multiple entries and exits.

Even though I am traveling, I’m holding onto SPAG.  SPAG is so small that I don’t really mind traveling and trading this.

I will not be actively looking for stocks to trade tomorrow, just keeping an eye on my positions.




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