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Trading Recap for January 19th, 2011

January 19, 2011

First day back from vacation and there were some pretty nice setups that I decided to get into.

Stocks bought today:  LNET, NURO, GBGI, and LFVN

I bought GBGI on a pure speculation play based off of one of my paid newsletters, Pre-Promotion Stocks.  Out of all the stocks that were highlighted today, I liked this chart the best even though it has very little volume.  I bought 6767 @ .60


I bought NURO based off a buysellshort twitter recommendation.  I liked his reasons for getting into the stock, and feel that it could turn big into my favor.  Not to mention that he has been on FIRE lately!  Bought 5151 @ .57

Bought LNET, very small position150 @ 3.00, on a tip.  I missed the bottom after the big sell off, but a decent entry.  Supposedly the tip could turn big…but you know what they say about listening to tipsters…  More than likely I’ll lose this money, but we’ll see.

I bought LFVN based off of InvestorsLive’s daily scan.  This was a swing idea from several days ago, but I was out of trading because of a vacation.  I waited for my entry, and didn’t chase anything so from that standpoint I am proud of myself.

While I’m up on the day (unrealized) from the trades that I made, I’m most proud of myself for the trades that I didn’t make.  There were several trades that I found myself getting ready to chase, but stopped short of buying.  In every case this turned out to be the right thing to do and I’ll tell you what…it feels great!

I must remember that chasing a stock is never the right answer.  There will always be another trade to enter and more money to be made.




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