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Trading Recap for January 20th, 2011

January 20, 2011

Sold some of my positions and added another.  The breakdown is below!

Big…actually HUGE trade for me from yesterday is LFVN.  Here’s my gratuitous plug for InvestorsLive as I got the idea from his daily scan.  I was long from .65 yesterday and the stock popped today up to .90 today.  I sold half my position at .90 and a 1/4 position at .81.  I held the remaining 1500 or so shares.  The stock closed at .8.

I sold my SPAG and LNET positions too.  SPAG was just too boring for me to deal with any more.  Not to mention that I had an obscenely small position in it and only took a .015 loss on it.

LNET gave me a nice gain for only putting in $450.  Sold at the open (long from $3.00, sold at $3.341), and then the stock proceeded to hit some nhod’s for the next hour or so.  I sold this position so I could buy into another position.  One thing that I need to work on is staying in a trade that is still working for me.  LNET was not really giving me a reason to sell it, yet I sold it anyways; albeit for a good % profit.

One thing that LNET taught me (I try to learn fast) is to not sell my NURO position.  The stock didn’t do too much today, but did hold green.  Yes, I could’ve been in other positions, FUQI (if I had the money, woulda longed at the nhod around 5.60 when volume came in) and BLTI (plenty of opportunities to enter today) come to mind, but the stock didn’t do anything that would give me a reason to sell it and my patience rewarded me with late day pop to .61 and it closed at hod.  I have an unrealized 6.64% gain.


Finally, I bought a small position into one of the Pre-Promotion Stock picks…I’ll post which stock I bought tomorrow as this is a subscriber pick only.  Actually, he is releasing it tomorrow to non-subs around 2pm, so you’ll know before my next Trading Recap.

Oh, and I’m also still long GBGI from .60


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