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Trading Recap for January 21st, 2011

January 21, 2011

I think overall I did quite well today and killed it on a short week for me.  I only traded from Wednesday through Friday and I booked in $1219.95 in trading profits.  That being said, I did leave some money on the table.  If I would’ve sold out of my GBGI position and got out of LFVN at the right time (although, I did trade that stock pretty well) I would’ve been in the $1800 range.  I still have some money left in stocks, so we’ll see how my next week starts out.  As soon as my trades all clear, I will update my account.

I sold the last of my LFVN close to the open @ .76 when it was clear that it wanted to breakdown.  I finished the trade buying at .65 and selling all my shares at an average price of .823; up about 21%.  This trade made me around $1166 dollars!  Not bad for trading on a short week (Wednesday through Friday for me.)  Again, thanks IL

Also today I sold NURO because it was acting pretty douchey.  Made some lunch money on it, around $60.  I’m keeping this stock on my radar for next week.  Sold position at .585

Today I also bought PRKR on a breakout at an average price of .665.  PRKR had a great morning on pretty good volume and I bought at the point that I thought it would follow through for new highs.  The stock did break to new highs and hung around them for most of the day (around .66 – .68) and close near hod .6798 (market sell order for .65 went right at close, not worried).  I still like this stock and will hold through the weekend.

I’m still holding my GBGI and KNKT speculative positions.  I’m pretty big (for me anyways) into GBGI and will look to sell it next week more than likely.



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