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Trading Recap for January 6th, 2011

Dropped RZTI like a bad habit this morning.  I tried dumping around .29 but didn’t get a fill until .25!!!  Lesson of the day, put the sell order in while the stock is still rising and not when the first crack appears.  Instead of netting over $1300 I settled for a little over $750.

My swing trade of CPRX is really looking like shit.  On the plus side, the stock did touch 1.45 again, but then quickly dropped into the high 20’s.  The stock closed at 1.28.  If this doesn’t make a move north at the open, I’m dumping this turd.

I didn’t trade any other stocks today as I was traveling.

This is actually the type of trading that I’m looking to do.  No, not lose money a la CPRX, but entering and exiting very few stocks.  I don’t have the abilities yet to focus on multiple trades and I really need to learn to just slow down.  Hell, my over trading lately lead me to miss VPRO.  I pulled up the stock when it was at +900% and proceeded to skyrocket from there, 2700%!  My over trading caused me to miss out on quite a bit of money yesterday.

I’ll work on my Warlist in a few.



Warlist for 2011/01/06

Tops on my list are the two stocks that I’m currently holding; RZTI and CPRX

I’m looking to dump RZTI in the morning, probably within the first 15 minutes; I would really love a nice strong push to about 0.30.  InvestorsLive NAILED this one; I can’t say enough good things about this trader…ok I’m done.  On top of the weird action the stock was displaying at the end of the day, one look at this chart will tell you that it’s time to cut and run.  I’ve been long from 0.18.

CPRX is a swing long for me and I’m still ok with what is happening even though my entrance SUCKED!  Each of the past four days have shown an increase in price and volume.  I’m confident in this position, but will not hesitate to drop this stock if a real crack presents itself.

GCFB is having a great run this week since moving north of its base at 2.40.  The stock reached past 6.08 today on HEAVY and pulled back to 5ish.  This stock is at its highest point since the middle of ’07 and just last year popped strong in the month of January as well.  If this acts well in the morning you might want to swing this long given its history in January.  A move past 6.50 is an all time high.

CDTI may be breaking a trend here.  Mid-November we saw a volume increase and slight pop in price after several days of declines.  Today, we saw the same thing.  That said, this stock popped a little then dropped toward the end of December.  I would only move into this stock on a continuation of strong volume and proof that it could hold over 10.  If this stock breaks yesterday’s support it would make a great candidate for a short.  Be careful with this stock as today’s range was close to 20%.

As always review other free watchlists out there; my favorites are InvestorsLive and mb_willoughby.  My paid lists are from Timothy Sykes and Pre-Promotion Stocks.

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Trading Recap for 2011/01/05

First, IL’s swing suggestion RZTI had a huge day for me.  I had even had a not so good entry on the stock, but holy moly…he CRUSHED the call on this!  I held throughout the day and am sitting on $1,100+ of unrealized profits.  That said, I am looking to sell into some morning strength and lock in my profits as the stock was acting a little wonky today.

The day started out with me cutting my losers.  I sold APRI in pre-market for a loss of about $180. I shoulda sold this stinker yesterday as I mentioned.  I knew I was going to regret the hold overnight and I did.

I also sold TMHO at the open.  I was hoping for a re-pump last night and this morning, but alas there was not anything worth while.  I sold for a loss of $158.  I made the classic Inexperienced Trader mistake of turning a winner into a loser.  Instead of selling yesterday when the trend broke at around 15:00, I stupidly held and hoped for a repump.  I deserve these losses for sure.

I also made a little of some speculative pump buys of mine for a small gain on each.  I had a very small position in FLPC that I sold for a profit of $23.  Shortly thereafter I sold AGDI.  I missed the top for sure, but I didn’t lose any money on it either; profit of about $20.

On the buy side of things, I bought a swing play stock, CPRX, from last night’s Warlist.  While I am confident in the stock, I committed a horrible mistake.  Instead of waiting for a pullback like any good trader should do, I bought during a surge in price; my entry was $1.45.  I still am looking to hold this for a few days and am looking for a good follow through tomorrow.

I’m going to be on the road tomorrow, so don’t expect any trading out of me.  However, I will be posting my Warlist for the 6th in a few.

Warlist for 2011/01/05

Tops on my list the three pumps that I am holding:  AGDI, TMHO, and FLPC. As always, I’m only holding onto them until they start acting wonky or I hit a target price that I’m happy with.

Added to my watch list because of unusual volume activity and looks to be a good setup for a long are:  DRAM, CPRX, EDGR, GILT, and CIDM.

DRAM broke the sideways price action today with a strong move off of 1.50.  Today was the second most volume in the past year.

CPRX has had two strong days in a row with increasing volume to boot.  While it didn’t close at hod, after hours trading did mark 1.34 which was only two cents off of the high.  A move to 1.45 is definitely possible.

EDGR had a really big volume day today and it closed at the high of the day (a/h ticked even higher, hitting 1.33).  If this stock pulls back to $1.30 and holds, it is a good candidate for a swing long trade for me.

GILT gapped up past 5.25 resistance today and closed at a hod of 5.46 with plenty of volume spikes throughout the day.  This stock has a history of gapping up and down but a move to the upper 5’s is not out of the question.

CIDM made a  move over 1.75 resistance today on higher than normal volume, but closed almost where it opened.  Look for a follow up in volume today with another strong move over 1.75 or just leave it alone.

As always review other free watchlists out there; my favorites are InvestorsLive and mb_willoughby.  My paid lists are from Timothy Sykes and Pre-Promotion Stocks.

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Trading Recap for 2011/01/04

Well, I didn’t rectify my over trading and it got me into trouble today.

Today was a down day, loss of about $300 and I blame it completely on over trading and not sticking to a trading plan.

My big loss of the day was buying ESPH at $0.70 and selling at $0.58.  I didn’t think the stock was topped out, but obviously it was.  I was getting greedy, and it was a stupid trade that never should’ve happened.  Hell, this stock wasn’t even on my watchlist.

ESPH bought 3,100 at $0.70

ESPH sold 3,100 at $0.58

I three of my positions that I was holding from yesterday sold ABKFQ, BWEN and EMMS for a small loss on each.  None of these stocks were acting well, so I got the hell out..

ABKFQ bought 11,500 shares $0.128 – 01/03/2011 – 12:17:29

ABKFQ sold 11,500 shares at $0.126 – 01/04/2011 – 09:33:34

BWEN bought 2700 shares at $2.41 – 01/03/2011 – 11:28:26

BWEN sold  2,700 shares at an average price of $2.37 – 01/04/2011 – 09:55:49

EMSS bought 1200 shares at $0.8186 – 01/03/2011 – 12:48:35

EMSS sold 1200 shares at $0.8128 – 01/04/2011 – 10:28:50

Because I continued my overtrading ways, I added two positions to my portfolio:  APRI and TMHO

TMHO is a pump that was holding well after the morning sell off.  All was going well when the wheels appeared to come off.  TMHO plunged to .066, but the pumpers got it back under control.  The stock closed at $0.789.  My plan is to hold for a day or so due to what I believe will be a repump tonight, but will get the hell out if it doesn’t act well.

TMHO bought 23,000 shares at $0.085 – 11:43:06

Bought APRI on a breakout, but the breakout failed.  I held, probably stupidly, because I expect a small follow through in the am at which point I will exit this position.

APRI bought 400 shares at $3.979 – 10:17:02

I am still holding my 900 shares of FLPC that I bought at $.044.  As expected, I got a morning pop from the email pumps, but did not sell into it because I had my hands full with the other positions that I had.  FLPC finished up on the day again and we go multiple repump emails so I expect another pop tomorrow.

I’m also still holding Investors Live swing call of RZTI from $0.18.  The stock perked up a little more today and closed at $0.22.  I plan on holding until a sign of weakness shows itself.

And last but not least, I bought a speculative stock at the close, AGDI.  AGDI had been pumped for the past day or so, but the Beacon crew leaked out an email mid-day that stated they had a gold play that was under a dollar that was out performing the gold market.  I (and another TIMalerts sub) guessed and won on this stock.  Tomorrow should see some good follow through from my current position.

AGDI bought 1250 shares at $0.80 – 15:56

Again, I way over traded today and seriously need to rectify this.  I will try harder tomorrow.

Warlist for 2011/01/04

I’m long in several positions from yesterday, so they will be my list for today.  That said, I’m listing them in order of confidence.

FLPC –  tops my list because as expected I received many more pump emails and I expect this re-pump will continue higher.





My speculative plays for the day are SMHS and MSMY (both are pumps in their infancy).

As always, if the stocks that I have a position in do not act correctly, I will dump them immediately.

Also, I may play stocks other than the ones listed above.

Trading Recap for 2011/01/03

Well the day started out with me buying the pump FLPC.  I didn’t top tick my sell, but did end up getting out with about $280 dollars worth of profits.  I kept this on my radar throughout the day as it was being pumped by more sites than I initially thought and repurchased shares before the close.  My thoughts behind getting back into this stock is that the stock was still up 20% and I am anticipating more pump emails tonight.  I will look to sell into the morning pop

FLPC – bought 12,000 shares at $0.41 – 09:32:00

FLPC – sold 12,000 shares at $0.435 – 09:50/58:00

FLPC – bought 900 shares at $0.44 – 15:22:52

My next trade was buying RZTI based off of an Investors Live daily scan; one of the best out there right now.  I planned on holding this overnight.

RZTI – bought 11,111 (hey, it’s 2011!) shares at $.018 – 11:27:06

My next trade of the day was buying the breakout of BWEN.  I missed the initial breakout, but showed some patience for a change.  I called it in the TimAlerts chatroom that I planned on buying BWEN for a swing trade, but was looking for it to pull back to and hold the low 2.40’s.  I initially was a little scared as it broke .40, but then popped back over and held.  The breakout was brought to my attention on twitter by an awesome trader @mb_willoughby.

BWEN – bought 1600 shares at $2.41 – 11:28:25

I bought two breakout stocks, ABKFQ and EMMS.  Investors Live tweeted on them both and I think i have them at a decent price.  I plan to hold them for a day or so.

ABKFQ – bought 11,500 shares at $0.128 – 12:17:28

EMMS – bought 1200 shares at $0.8187 – 12:48:34

This was definitely not a normal trading day for me.  I think that I over traded today, and will look to rectify this situation in the future.  That said, I’m still up $200 on the day.

I plan on posting my watchlist, err…warlist in few hours.  Check on back before trading hours.

Welcome…err…Hello World!

Hello all.

I have no allusions that nobody on the planet is going to read this but me.  But I have to get this down on paper, or in this case on one’s and zero’s.

I’m a newbie trader just trying to not lose money, and by newbie I have been trading for around four months.  This little blog is my foray into taking this a little more serious than I have to date.  My plan for this blog is to primarily post about my experiences in learning how to make a living trading stocks.  I will post about my wins and my losses.  I’ll try to keep the rhetoric about others out of this blog, but you never know what’s going to happen.

A little about myself.  I’m a trader from Michigan (which should be obvious by my name) who currently sits below the PDT rule thus limiting how many actual trades that I execute.  I started trading because I wanted to make a little extra money, but now have a few goals that are coming into the forefront.  My two main goals are to pull my account to over PDT and to make enough money for a down payment on a house.  My trading style is still morphing, but I find that I’m settling into more of a long swing bias and a momentum trader.  That said, I really won’t limit myself when a trading opportunity presents itself.

I want to learn to make money trading because I am tired of working for someone else, and want my time to be my own.  If I want to take a month off and travel the world with my wife, then that’s what I should be able to do.  I feel that learning to trade stocks (and eventually options) provides me with the best opportunity to achieve my goal of self reliance.  Yes I know all the statistics about people losing money in the market, but I’ve never allowed myself to be just a number and don’t plan on being a loser.

I am all for disclosing all my wins as well as my losses.  I have a profile on and plan on setting up the widget they offer to show my trades on this blog.

One thing I will try to do on a  regular basis is to post my trading ideas at some point the during the night for the following day’s trading.  More than likely I’ll post charts with my setups, but don’t hold me to that.  I definitely will not leak any of the alerts from my subscriptions, but I will link to other popular traders ideas (the free ones) that I plan on watching.   Over time you’ll get a feeling for the traders that I follow, but will make a point to dedicate a post about them.

For full disclosure, I subscribe to Timothy Sykes’ TimAlerts which provides a daily watch list and also has a chatroom which I participate in on a regular basis.  I am also a member of Pre-Promotion Stocks, which provides a daily (or semi-daily) watch list.  For real(ish)time news, I have an account for the news service flyonthewall.

Because I’m so new at trading I don’t have any fancy stock scanners, but I have been playing around with Google Finance’s stock screener and have found a little success.  Because Google’s screener doesn’t scan for OTCBB’s or Pinks I plan on upgrading to Equity Feed in the near future, but probably only after I upgrade my trading station.

Speaking of trading station, I don’t have one.  I trade off my laptop for the time being, but as soon as I get a little more consistent plan on upgrading to an actual desktop with multiple monitors.  To save money, I may just get a docking station and a couple of monitors.

This is going to be a pretty loose blog, so feel free to comment (if anyone actually shows up) and don’t be surprised if you find me blogging about my favorite sports team.

I’m probably missing some stuff here, but I’ll get to it eventually.

Wish me luck.